Dear Funeral Home Owners,

Would It Be Immoral If You Tripled Your At-Need & Pre-Need Contracts Overnight?


Discover The Secrets To A Spine-Chilling Call Volume, Keeping Your Funeral Directors Busier Than Ever And Have More Families To Serve Than You Know What To Do With...

"Funeral Marketing Pros has been an absolute blessing and game changer to our business! Super down to earth people with your best interest in mind! Taylor's Funeral Home is beyond proud to be a client and our staff has never been busier!"
Ronald Taylor
Taylor's Funeral Home

Did you know? 2 out of 3 Funeral Homes reported losing money or breaking even on their digital marketing campaigns in the first six months after hiring the typical "One-Size Fits All" Marketing Agencies

Did you know? The U.S. Small Business Administration suggests that companies should spend between 7-8% of their revenue on marketing expenses. We recommend 9-11% to stay ahead of your competition!

"Before working with Vasco and his team, I felt like my hands were tied by advertising agreements that weren’t bringing good ROI. Vasco understood my specific needs and got the work done—bypassing all the unnecessary nonsense. And now business is booming!"
Fernando Dante
Reflections Funeral Services

"But... How Does This All Work?" You Ask.

Here's A Quick Behind The Scenes Of Our...

Funeral Home Growth System

Get Found

Getting “likes” or “followers” on Facebook is the easy part… We get you the clicks that will convert into Pre-Need appointments and At-Need calls. You'll have the exact step-by-step system to get you in front of your clients when they need you the most!

Get Known

We make sure your reputation and local search visibility turn you into the most sought-after funeral home in town, so when your clients call you, they aren't 'shopping around'. We all hate "price-shoppers" - but you can avoid this by positioning yourself the right way online.

Accelerate Results

We’ve done all the “trial and error” for you, figuring out what works for funeral homeowners and what DOESN'T! If you want to directly impact your business revenue, take the fast-lane with us and close new inbound deals consistently and predictably.

Re-Target Clients

You can't always be in front of the phone... and that's okay! Our automated systems follow-up with potential clients without you having to lift a finger. You keep serving the family you're with now and rest assured the initial follow-up for new families is taken care of.

...but who are you?

Hey. I'm Vasco.

Founder of Funeral Marketing Pros

Marketing Your Funeral Home Online Can Feel Overwhelming.

Let's face it - being the best funeral director in YOUR market is a far cry from being the best marketed and Go-To funeral home in YOUR market.

The pattern I see between the funeral directors I talk to is they continuously keep worrying about self-centered questions like:

- "How will I make payroll this month?"

- "What can I do to lower our customer acquisition costs?"

- "How do I know if the marketing agency I've hired isn't pulling the wool over my eyes?"

I get it.

You don't know how to actually attract and convert families online and you're too busy to start another full-time job which is digital marketing.

That's why I've developed an easy to follow, proven process that's helped dozens of funeral directors 8x their business with online advertising.

Let's get you in front of the families that need you, profitably!

So you've made it this far...
But You're Still Unsure We're Right For You?

Here you Go:

F.A.Qs About Funeral Marketing Pros

We specialize in delivering effective internet marketing services for funeral home owners. Whether you’re working for traditional funeral clients, cremation clients, or both… we can help!

Our proven marketing system is built upon 3 core pillars:

Custom High-Converting Website / Landing Pages. Without this component, every other marketing effort gets poor to little results.

Targeted Traffic. We align our marketing strategies with your goals and ensure it grows with you. From Google Maps Optimization, Google Organic Rankings, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads or even Pinterest Ads, we’ll get you the best traffic converting for your business.

Relentless Optimization. We don’t stop at simply looking at your Google Analytics. We take a deep dive at your traffic flow, conversions, quality of leads, lead follow up systems, your sales system, and ensure it’s running at its best and adapts to your goals.

We charge MUCH less than a full time marketing employee would cost you (if you were to hire one) and have between 4-7 funeral home marketing managers working on your campaign every single month… Day in and day out.

Our marketing plans are priced affordably and in direct relation to what the marketing program includes. We’ve made it easy so that any Funeral Home can easily afford our services and generate a positive, measurable ROI from it. 

Schedule a call with us to learn more. Click here to get started.

Results will vary from market to market, and per service.

We have found that all Google Ads & Facebook Ad campaigns start generating At-Need Calls and Pre-Need leads within 3-5 days of the campaign launch. For our SEO & Local Maps optimization clients, our clients start to see SERP (rankings) movement within 45 days of the campaign launch. This is completely dependent on the competitive landscape, and we’ll set realistic expectations during our demo call.

We highly encourage you to jump on a strategy call and see how fast you can start generating At-Need and Pre-Need clients for your business! Click here to book a completely free, non-obligation strategy session.

We are digital marketing experts and work exclusively with Funeral Home-Owners who want to increase their bottom line. Our Funeral Home Marketing Program encompasses all touch points of a prospective family when they’re looking for funeral directors. Our services offered include:

  • Local Maps Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Local Listing Management
  • Reputation Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Ads (Lead Generation)
  • Landing Page Design
  • and much more!

Contact us today to see how we can help your funeral home grow.

We understand that your previous relationships with other agencies might’ve not worked out that well, and we actually haven’t had a client who hasn’t been burned before unfortunately.

So here’s why we’re different from any other agency out there:

  • We specialize in marketing funeral home and cremation services.
  • We work hard for our clients.
  • We do what we say we’ll do.
  • We get results.

Imagine if you decided to be a roofer on Monday, Funeral Director on Tuesday, painter on Wednesday, electrician on Thursday… Well, that’s how 99.9% of Internet Marketing Agencies operate. They take an attorney on Monday, Chiropractor on Tuesday, Roofer on Wednesday, a Concrete guy on Thursday… and when it comes time to deliver results, it’s a hit or miss.

We’ve done all the heavy lifting.

We know all the keywords.

We know where your at-need clients are when looking for you.

We know what makes your pre-need clients tick, click, and call…

Just give us a call and see the difference.

Great question, and easy to answer.

You can’t track how many people see a newspaper ad, but you can track every interaction on Facebook, Google Ads, your website, or any other digital asset you own. We continuously analyze your social media, website, landing pages, ads and online traffic sources to optimize them for increased interactions, reach, calls, and return on investment.